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Paper / Polypropylene Hybrid Bags

The Hybrid bag is a unique packaging solution that combines the advantages of both paper and polypropylene. It is specifically designed to offer strength and visual appeal for a wide range of products, including pet food, rice, seeds, and more.

Product Features:

Strength: Engineered to be exceptionally strong, with a drop strength six times greater than multiwall paper bags. This enhanced strength protects the contents during handling, transportation, and storage.

Tear-Resistance: The tear-resistance is four times greater compared to multiwall paper bags. This feature prevents accidental tears or rips, maintaining the bag’s integrity and preserving the product inside.

End-Seal Strength: Designed with improved end-seal strength, ensuring the bag remains securely sealed. This helps prevent leaks and maintains the freshness of the enclosed products.

Puncture-Resistance: Offers as much as 300% greater puncture-resistance compared to a multiwall paper bag.

Multilayer Design: The multilayer design includes durable print surfaces and a sturdy reinforcing layer. 

Versatility: The outer layer is designed to accommodate various add-on features like handles, zippers, and sliders. 

Compatibility: Engineered to run on existing filling and sealing equipment. This feature ensures that manufacturers can integrate the Hybrid bag into their existing production processes without major modifications.