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Established in 1890

United Bags’ story begins in 1890 with the industrious Isaac Greenberg, marking the start of a remarkable journey in the industrial bag business. Isaac established the foundation of a legacy by starting with the simple act of buying and reselling used bags. This humble beginning set the stage for a family-led empire that would thrive through the decades.

The tale of United Bags is also a story of family—a tradition of father and son teams working side by side. Isaac’s youngest son, Maury Greenberg, joined the venture, expanding it significantly during World War II through a pioneering return bag program with Ralston Purina. This initiative propelled the company into the national spotlight, necessitating a move to a larger warehouse in St. Louis.

Herb Greenberg, representing the third generation, continued the family’s innovative spirit by founding Pioneer Container, Allied Textile, and Synthetic Industries. This venture was a forerunner in producing woven polypropylene, which found critical use during the Vietnam War as sandbags. After the war, the focus shifted to commercial applications, demonstrating the company’s ability to adapt and thrive through changing times.

The legacy was passed on to Herb’s son, Todd, the fourth generation to steward the company. Under his leadership as CEO, United Bags has flourished through organic growth and the strategic acquisitions of Sun Coast Packaging and Acadia Industries. These acquisitions not only expanded the company’s footprint but also its capabilities.

In April of 2024 Todd’s son, Jared, became the 5th generation at UBI. Jared’s business acumen and drive solidifies the family legacy for years to come.

Today, United Bags is one of North America’s leading bulk packaging distributors. With global operations, four U.S. distribution centers, and the largest sales team in the industry; United Bags stands as a testament to over 130 years of excellence, innovation, and family leadership. The company continues to serve a broad spectrum of industries with high-quality Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), Multiwall paper bags, BOPP bags and other packaging products, embodying a legacy of quality and customer satisfaction.