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Flexible Packaging

United Bags offers pouches and quad seal bags as an alternative packaging solution to traditional glass, cans, or rigid containers. These pouches provide several benefits:

Sustainability: By substituting glass, cans, or other rigid containers with pouches, you create a more sustainable package. Pouches typically use less material and require fewer resources to produce compared to traditional packaging options. 

Shelf Appeal: Pouches are customized to enhance the shelf appeal of your product. United Bags’ design team can work with you to create attractive and eye-catching packaging that drives product demand. 

Puncture Resistance and Barrier Protection: Pouches are designed to provide excellent puncture resistance and barrier protection. This ensures that your product stays fresh for a longer period, resulting in better-tasting food and reduced product waste. 

Lightweight: Pouches are lightweight, which helps reduce shipping and storage costs. The lighter weight also contributes to a more sustainable product by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions during transportation.

Quad Seal

Quad seal bags are commonly used for packaging a wide range of products, including coffee, snacks, pet food, grains, powders, and other dry or solid items. Their rectangular block shape, efficient use of space, and attractive branding options make them an appealing choice for businesses looking to enhance their product presentation on store shelves.

Efficient Utilization of Shelf Space: The rectangular shape allows for efficient use of shelf space. They can be neatly stacked and arranged, maximizing the number of bags that can be displayed on store shelves. 

Effective Branding: Quad seal bags offer up to four panels for branding and product information. This provides ample space for printing, enhancing the visibility and recognition of the brand on the shelf. 

Increased Volume: The full gussets of quad seal bags allow for more volume and capacity compared to other bag types. This is beneficial when packaging products that require a larger storage space or when filling the bags with bulkier items. 

High-Quality Printing: Quad seal bags can be printed in up to 10 colors using high-quality, advanced rotogravure printing technology.

Finishing Options: Choose from various finishing options, such as glossy, matte, or UV finishes. These finishes can enhance the appearance of the packaging, provide a premium look and feel, and protect the printed design from wear and tear. 

Material Versatility: Quad seal bags can be made using both metalized and non-metalized materials. Metalized materials provide enhanced barrier properties, such as moisture and light resistance, while non-metalized materials offer different visual effects and customization options.