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Polyethylene is the material used for over half of all films today, and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is the source of most poly bags.  Bags manufactured with LDPE is great for its great tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water barrier.  It is also resistant to most caustic compounds. PE bags also provide the following benefits: high quality packaging at a low cost, quick lead times in manufacturing, a variety of printing options, approved for FDA & USDA use, excellent moisture protection and flexibility in size, colors and style.


  • Gran selección para envío inmediato
  • Opciones para bolsas personalizadas
  • Fuerte y flexible
  • Bajo costo
  • FDA & USDA Approved

¿Por qué United Bags?

  • Tenemos 127 años de experiencia
  • Plantas en en todo el mundo
  • Cada bolsa es personalizada
  • Garantía 100%
  • Tela aprobada por la FDA
  • Instalaciones certificadas por AIB y BRC
  • ISO 9001: 2000 certificado

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What other types of Polyethylene Bags are available?

Poly bags on rolls / flat bags on rolls

Sheets on rolls / pallet top polyethylene sheeting

Pallet covers

How do I decide what mil thickness is right for my polyethylene bag?

Lightweight 1 or 1.25 mil Great for economical packaging and coverage of lightweight products.

1.5 or 2 mil These are the most commonly used thickness for storing, shipping, or displaying everyday items.

Heavyduty 3 or 4 mil These bags are capable of protecting and supporting heavy and abrasive items.

6 mil These are the toughest bags, offering total protection for the heaviest products.

How do I inspect my bags?

Our polyethylene bags are manufactured under the most controlled tolerances.  When inspecting bags remember that polyethylene is very flexible and the gauge can only be measured accurately with a poly micrometer.  Machine micrometers, intended for less delicate materials, pinch and flatten bags or film.

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