How does Modified Atmosphere Packaging work?

Modified atmosphere (MA) works by applying a very deep vacuum to the 100% airtight high barrier liners within the external FIBC big bags. After this, the bags are gas flushed with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This results in residual oxygen levels inside of the liners being <1% and an inert atmosphere.

This method of packaging is a bio-based substitute for pest control since it kills insects. But there are more benefits: Modified Atmosphere also reduces mold formation, degradation and oxidation of the product.  Storing commodities with the MAP technology helps preserve optimal moisture content, aromas, and flavor. MAP therefore has the potential to prolong the products shelf-life significantly.

This method is the perfect solution for protection and storage of many commodities, such as food powders, food products, nuts, dehydrated fruit, pharmaceutical API powders, grain, coffee, rice, tea, chemical and fine chemical powders, pigments and many others.

The Six Keys that Make Up Our Modified Atmosphere System

Modified Atmosphere System

Liner Material

Somsix MAP Liner

An inner bag for FIBC. Since the liner is modular, various materials can be used to create a barrier for moisture levels, oxygen, flavor etc.

It’s the inside that counts. The liner is the inner bag in a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) often also called a Big Bag. Depending on the product and circumstances during storage and transport, the liner is built with up to 9 different layers of various materials, to create a barrier against moisture and keeping ultra-low oxygen levels and the flavor intact. The Somsix liners are produced to very stringent quality conditions and up to cleamroom class III standards.

We use a wide range of barrier foils for our liners such as conductive, aluminum, anti-static, dissipative, metalized OPP, EVOH and PA liners.

Valve (incl. filter)

MAP Valve

The valve is mounted in the liner of the FIBC and gives a secure airtight connection between the environment inside the bag and the Vacuum and Gas Injection Machine.

Each valve is equipped with a filter, which ensures that products stay in the liner and flushing gasses can move in and out of the liner. A reliable valve is the key to a successful preservation process.

  • CAT Valve 80 and 120 + Screw Cap
  • Fool-proof  connection: only 90 degrees or one quarter turn needed to attach to the V-G machine
  • Fast Processing – optimal surface
  • Short Processing times
  • Single or multiple flushes can be done
  • Lower energy needed

MA Powerqube & MA Powertube Liners

MAP Powercube

United Bags offers different types and shapes and custom-made liners possibilities.

A FIBC with a form stabilized liner system inside ensures a square and optimal shape after filling, during storage and transport. The pre-shaped liner is completely welded in the top and bottom and – if required – in side seams. You can save up to 15% on transport volumes with form stable FIBC Liners.

  • 15-20% less material used for the production of a liner
  • Modular produced
  • Unique controlled sealing technique
  • Extremely high load ability
  • Cleanroom production facility

Automatic Spout Sealer

Spout Sealer

Is a machine that seals the filling spout of a FIBC Big Bag so that the product content is secured. Depending on the size and position of the FIBC liner bag, the machine can be adjusted to its correct height and width of the filling spout. After positioning the filling spout into the sealing machine, the sealing process is run fully automatic.

  • Reliable and safe way of sealing
  • Constant quality and performance
  • Mobile moveable machine
  • Small footprint and setup

Vacuum & Gas Injection machine


With customized oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen levels within our FIBCs, we extend the shelf life of your product.

Modified Atmosphere is used as an organic way of natural fumigation, using Ultra Low Oxygen levels in combination with Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide to protect (organic) products from infestation by insects.

  • Automated process of Vacuum & Gas Flushing including pressure control & leak test
  • Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) levels possible
  • One step ULO without multiple flushing
  • Short process times
  • Completely customizable Process
  • Highest Class Approved Machine
  • Small Footprint

MA Control


There are different ways to measure and control the Oxygen level inside the bags.

The traditional- and very reliable way to measure oxygen and gas levels is the evasive method which uses a needle tool that pierces into the sealed liner bag. The new way is a totally non-invasive technique called Sensor Spot that does not require piercing a needle into the liner bag. The Sensor Spot technology is currently in its last test phase and expected to be introduced in the second quarter of 2021.

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